Ukraine’s SBU shakes up military industry in unannounced raids – NV interview


Ukraine’s SBU security service has conducted unannounced inspections of employees of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex, Tetyana Nikolayenko, a journalist with Ukrainian news outlet Censor.NET, revealed in an interview with Radio NV on Jan. 5.

“In reality, our special services work in this regard, credit where it’s due,” she said.

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“I know how these checks take place, I’ve been told. They are quite unexpected. All at once, all employee phones are confiscated simultaneously, and [the SBU] are given access to their computers. They can review their correspondence, and in case of anything, see what the SBU saw on Oleh Kulinich’s phone, detained for state treason.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated on Dec. 28 that he had listened to the reports from the Interior Ministry and the SBU, according to which Ukrainian law enforcement has shown good results in protecting Ukraine against collaborators and provocateurs.

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