Lottery player wins $500 in Missouri. His second ticket had a couple more zeroes


Shortly after winning $500 at the lottery, a Missouri man won again. But this time his prize came with a couple more zeroes, officials said.

The man, who was not identified, purchased his first winning ticket at a store in Sedalia, according to a Sept. 12 news release from the Missouri Lottery.

Then, perhaps feeling lucky, he decided to buy another ticket at a different store.

“This place was on my way home, so I stopped and got this ticket,” he told lottery officials.

While scratching the ticket, he realized he had scored a far larger win: $50,000.

“I thought it was going to be $10,000, but once I got everything, I was so excited,” the man told lottery officials.

What does he plan to do with his newfound winnings?

“I’m taking a vacation! I’m going to Mexico,” the man told lottery officials.

Sedalia is about 90 miles southeast of Kansas City.

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