Glitchy Putin copy greets Russians — video


Russian propagandists seem to have become so careless with their fakes that on New Year’s Eve some Russian citizens suspected they were greeted by a digital copy of their dictator, Vladimir Putin, instead of the real one.

Social media users noticed some glitches and shared the relevant excerpt from the pre-recorded video address.

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During Putin’s speech, many people got the impression that his neck was sticking out from under the collar directly onto the tie, leading to jokes about a “botox leakage” in the comments.

Users speculated that this glitch occurred because the head of the Kremlin dictator was digitally inserted into the video shown to Russians. However, it was done so clumsily that it couldn’t go unnoticed.

However, unsurprisingly, the video of Putin with a “fluid” neck didn’t seem to bother anyone on the Kremlin-controlled Russian federal television channels.

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